Commercial and Business Law

Getting your business affairs in order is paramount to being successful in an ever increasing commercial environment.  We assist businesses through the legal obligations that they have to ensure they are compliant with today's legal framework. 

Building and Construction Law

We can provide you with assistance in formulating and drafting building or construction contracts as well as dispute resolution and litigation in the unfortunate event of problems arising out of such contracts.  We can assist you in enforcing your rights and defending claims.

We ensure that we remain up to date in relation to all aspects of the relevant legislation including the Queensland Building Services Authority Act, Domestic Building Contracts Act, Subcontractors Charges Act and the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act.  As a result we can provide you with comprehensive advice in relation to both residential and commercial construction issues.


In an era where retailing is constantly evolving and highly competitive the opportunities associated with franchising are significant.

We can provide you with legal advice in relation to the establishment or purchase of a franchise. We can tell you about your rights and obligations whether as a franchisor or franchisee. We can also assist with the management of a franchise and the sale or assignment of the franchise.


We assist clients in all forms of leasing and have many landlord and tenant clients. We advise on all forms of leasing including:

  • Retail Shop Leases;

  • Commercial Leases;

  • Residential Tenancies for Houses and Units;

  • Farm and Rural Leases

Partnership Law

To reduce the potential for costly disputes it is important to think about the terms of an agreement when entering into a business partnership and to get those terms put in writing so all parties are aware of their rights. If you spend a little time at the beginning to think about what you want to happen in the event of certain future occurrences and decide how those matters are to be dealt with you will give yourself peace of mind that your investment is protected.

We can give you advice in relation to the best way to form a partnership and what to do in the event of disputes and dissolution of a partnership.


A trust is a vehicle by which assets may be held which is distinct from having a personal beneficial interest. Common types of trusts are Unit Trusts and Discretionary Trusts. The implications of a Trust can be quite complex and you should talk to us about:

  • Preparation of Trust Deeds and establishment of a Trust;

  • Amendment of Trust Deeds including the addition, deletion or substitution of beneficiaries and trustees;

  • Protection of assets involved in Trusts;

  • Enforcement of benefits arising from Trust Deeds.

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