Major Matters

The Sunshine Coast law firm of Butler McDermott Lawyers have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to provide legal services to clients from all walks of life, from those with nothing to give to those involved in multi-million dollars deals.  That is the beauty of striving to offer every client with a full legal service and we are thankful for receiving their instructions and the faith and trust that all our clients show in us.

Over the years, Butler McDermott Lawyers has worked on a number of matters that has had widespread impact on the community and we would like to share some of those major matters below.

Daniel Morcombe

Our firm represented the family of Daniel Morcombe at the coronial inquest into the his disappearance on 7 December 2003.  The Morcombe family requested an inquest by the then State Coroner Michael Barnes and the inquest opened in October 2010 at Maroochydore.

Our involvement was extensive and involved months of preparation and weeks at the Queensland Coroner's Court prior to it being adjourned after information transpired as a result of the inquest, which then saw Brett Peter Cowan eventually charged and convicted by Jury with Daniel's murder.

Traveston Dam

We have represented at least 100 property owners affected by the proposal by the then Labor Government to construct the Traveston Dam.  Our work involved the negotiation of adequate compensation for affected land owners and ensuring effective and proper compensation agreements were entered into by the Government. 


Our work continued with the entire resumption process for the very extensive project.

The Northern Connector Water Pipeline from Brisbane to Lake MacDonald

This project was the initiative of the then Labor Government which has been caused landowners much angst because of the way in which the pipeline was designed to traverse property owners land causing major distress and upheaval to those property owners.

Our Sunshine Coast law firm has represented many of the affected landowners in dealing with this construction, the resumption of land and the long and difficult task of claiming and receiving adequate compensation for the landowners affected from the Co-Ordinator General.

Retirement Villages

Our firm has represented many occupiers of retirement villages over the years in respect of the complex way in which some retirement village leases are managed and adversely effect the residents rights under the legislation.  Holding a retirement village operator to account for their obligations under the legislation is also a difficult and complex task which we had dealt with numerous times over the years.

Multi-Modal Corridor

The multi-modal corridor has its origins in a number of places but resumptions have been undertaken at Meridian Plains and also at Hideaway Waters.

There have been many negotiations in the Hideaway Waters area since 2010.  There has been much publicity about the way in which this corridor has evolved and changes to the proposed corridor, particularly in Hideaway Waters.

Rail Corridor from Brisbane to Nambour

Numerous resumptions have been undertaken in respect of the proposed rail upgrade from Brisbane to Nambour, particularly from Landsborough to Nambour. 

Our Sunshine Coast law firm has been heavily involved in negotiations for the sale of landowners properties or part sale of their properties to the Queensland Government for the purpose of constructing the rail upgrade.